Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Fall!

Hello Parents,

It was so nice to meet everyone at Open House. The boys and girls are eager about beginning our Farm Unit. We have already learned some farm songs and poems to go with our Unit. In science we will be learning about the functions and parts of farm animals. This week, we will be learning all about the Pig!

We have begun the process of switching classrooms for Reading and the boys and girls are excited to read! We will be working on Fundations to further improve our phonics. Not only will we be reading and working on our phonics but we will be working on reading comprehension and fluency by retelling stories they have read.

In Math, we are using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) approach to further enhance the conceptions of Math. We are working on addition and subtraction. Here are some pictures of the boys and girls using a hands-on approach while using math manipulatives to create shapes and patterns.

Greta Says: "Do you like my beautiful flower?"

Here are Georgia and Maeve's patterns

Peter and Kaden Say: "This bridge is solid."

Another beautiful flower!

Jack and Kaden building!

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