Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to Room 112!

Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to Room 112! The boys and girls have made a wonderful adjustment to first grade. We had a busy first week! The children started the week off by building a school community and learning about the Francis Wyman Falcon's SOAR motto. Here is a chart of the behaviors that are expected of the Francis Wyman community.

Francis Wyman Falcons SOAR

Hallway and Common Area
Bus and Bus Line
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Take Turns
*Raise your hand and wait quietly to be called on
*Use a quiet voice
*Wait quietly in line
*Talk quietly with friends
*Stay seated until dismissed
*Stay in a single file line
*Personal Space
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Be silent
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
1. Try to solve problems with peers yourself
2. If unable to solve problem, get help from the teacher
3. After problem solving, let it go
*Give others privacy
*Use quiet voices
*Keep the light on
*Stay seated single file in your bus line
*Calm body and quiet voice
*Stay in your seat on the bus

Outstanding Effort
*Do your best work the first time
*Keep trying when something is hard

FW Falcons soar when showing outstanding effort
in self-control, acts of kindness and respect!

Acts of Kindness
*Use kind words
*Friendly face, friendly voice
*Ask, “Are you ok?”
*Ask if others need help
*Recycle and pick up all trash on the table and floor, even if it isn’t yours.
*Include others in your conversation
*Hold the door for others

*Invite others to play
*Share equipment
* Pick up equipment that is left behind
*Wait patiently
*Share your seat
*Include others in your conversation
*Use kind words
*Follow directions the first time
*Work together with others
*Listen when others are talking
*Use materials appropriately
*Say “please and thank you”
*Use appropriate language
*Eat your own lunch
*Quiet voices at lockers
*Use your manners--say hello, good morning, please, and thank you

*Use equipment appropriately
*Play fairly
*Be a good sport
*Line up calmly when called the first time
*Put towels in garbage
*Flush toilet and wash hands
*Keep water in the sink

*Listen to the bus driver
*Use appropriate language
*Follow the Bus Rules
*Sit in grade level section

In our morning meeting and in the classroom we are constantly modeling and practicing these values. We took a tour of the school where they boys and girls were able to see what behaviors are expected in the different areas of the school (lunch room, bathrooms, hallway, library, etc.).

This week will be spent learning more about each other and our families. I also encourage you to ask your child about their day and to check back on this blog to see what it happening in Room 112. Feel free to contact me any time at or leave comments below on the blog.

I look forward to meeting you all at the open house on 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

There are two September birthdays! Happy Birthday to...

Our first field trip is on to Drumlin Farm! More information will be sent out.